Monday, 15 February 2010

The Crew

Here're some of my dearest friends:

Time I got some real ones, perhaps?

Clockwise from top left: Me, Jax, Kat, Amy.


P.S. Still no name for this blog...


Here you go, Pam!


  1. can i have a mini-me someday, too?

  2. You sure can, Pam! You're off for a jog! And to make sure your nationality is easily identifiable, you're wearing shorts!

  3. Damn Pam, Your hot! Wanna go for a drink some time?

    I think its sad that you consider yourself to be in your own top 4 friends. The Anoymous Poster Child is there own best friend but doesnt include The Anoymous Poster Child in lists of top friends as The Anonymous Poster Child prefers to make one extra friend feel important.

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  4. Pam's back in Singapore! You know that...

    Yes, APC, it was silly of me to include me in the category of "some of my dearest friends", but when all's said and done, I do like me. Quite a lot.