Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Diamonds are forEvan

Yes, diamonds are forever. And now that it's here on this blog, so too is that awful pun.

I wish I could afford some. Or one, to be specific. It's beautiful, 1.01 ct, brilliant cut. Good colour, nearly flawless. *Sigh*

A spanner was thrown in the works last night. I had my heart set on doing the right thing. But then someone else gave their view of what the right thing could be. I've made the choice. Perhaps I shouldn't have. I need to get together with some people and have a discussion, just to see if I'm being a very silly boy. I'm not, though. It's just hard to convince people that this is the case.

I would appreciate prayers for wisdom.

Such an amazing weekend! And I'm not used to using exclamation marks!

Friday night, I went up to Bendigo. After a much-needed head massage, while trying not to vomit from the pain, the pain-killers gave me just enough room to get some shut-eye. In the morning we hurried down to the Bendigo Community Farmers' Market for breakfast and a stroll. The beautiful girl went with the escargot and I enjoyed a bacon, egg and relish breakfast bun. Mmmm... We were joined by Berenika and Jakob for a stroll and a coffee. Delightful! After looking at sparkly things (and falling in love with a particular stone), we hit the Gallery to admire Frederick McCubbin's impressionist works.

How could this day get any better? Pizza and a movie, you say? Done deal!

Sunday was just as rewarding. After pushing each other to the limit in the Mothers' Day Fun Run, in support of breast cancer research, we bolted into church- the girl in her sports bra and gym pants hops into her space in the choir. Eyes bulge. Smiles abound. Good times.

Judy's magical way with words, depicting God's Holy City is almost as entertaining as her very-rough-around-the-edges way with words over coffee and biscuits afterwards. Visiting St. Paul's always reminds me of how much I miss older people and children in a congregation. Although a youth-only service has its merits.

The afternoon was spent wandering around the lake, cooking, eating, all before a talk on homosexuality and the Anglican Church. Very interesting stuff.

It's always so hard to leave.

Wishing you every joy. May God surround you with his great love and mercy through the inevitable trials,



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I've missed your posts these past few days, by the way, so welcome back! Good luck with your diamond dilemna :P (see, you're not the only one with bad puns) and of course, I am sending out prayers for wisdom just for you ;) Good luck! And God bless :)

  2. Normally, I think I would be frustrated with a person who is so good at being vague (because I like to be a person in the know), but I quite enjoy it in your blog. It's fun to think about what you could possibly be skirting around. So have fun with your diamonds and bacon and egg sandwiches! I'm sure you'll figure everything out! Things always work out, you know. :-)

  3. Yes, I fear I've upset loved ones, but I'm glad to have talked some issues through...

    Thanks for the support, y'all!


  4. Have you heard of "lab diamonds", Evan?
    It's been a relatively quiet night :)

  5. Researchin' 'em now, My Love :).