Friday, 28 May 2010

In awe

I received a random message from my mobile phone provider informing me that, for no reason, they would be taking 15% off my monthly bill. This is the least of the many joys that have flooded into my life.

Why is this happening? Praise God! His hand has been on my life, and His blessings are abundant.

Thank you for opening hearts, giving strength, providing resources, answering prayers and for much rest and rejuvenation. Help me respond to this comforting of the soul with worship and praise and a humbled heart. Thank you that you have made use of my talents, even in my complacency.

I pray that you watch over us as we face our upcoming assessment.


P.S. Recently someone commented on how childish their blog had been when they were younger, filled with prayers and bitching. She wasn't trying to say prayer is bad or childish, but merely trying to express how hollow a medium blogging can be for something as important as intimate conversation with the Creator. Right now, I don't mind. There is so much joy in my life, so I'll praise God at every possibility!


  1. Wow. I'd love 15% off mine. :-)

  2. God is good, all the time.
    All the time, God is good!


  3. Indeed! Things keep getting better :).