Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The most comfortable gaming experience you will ever have

That's right. The Classic Controller Pro! It is, essentially, the perfect design for a standard controller. The thumbsticks are in exactly the right places.

Go on. Have a feel!

Feels good, right?

I know. I know. Hey, can I have it back now? Yeah, you've held it long enough. Seriously. Give it back.

It's just that nice.

Not that useful for (not)chickens, though.


  1. Perhaps they need !controllers?

  2. I wonder if only coders get that reference...

  3. This is so fun 'cause I'm working on a post about what a "hardcore gamer" I am... er. Yeah.

    Really this is what this post means to me:
    1. Oooooh!! Pink controller. Cool.

    2. not!chickes, yay. I'm glad that stuck.

    3. Look how cute they are. I just want to hug them and squeeze them and love them. Sigh.

    I'm glad feeling up on your controls makes you happy. =]


  4. oooh...I want to run off and play Wii now! :D