Tuesday, 4 May 2010

This morning was lovely

See? Didn't I say as much?

After a morning cycle, then prayers, the day is off to an excellent start. Although start time proper occurred around 4:00am. Ah, well.

Kick-Ass was lots of fun. Not quite as good as How to Train Your Dragon, but it certainly had its moments. Most of which involved watching a little girl killing bad guys. This felt rather strange to watch, as it was clearly something perverse - a child severing body parts off muscle-bound men - however it was immensely satisfying. It was the case of the ultimate underdog, well, kicking ass. It was just sad to see the girlfriend positioned as little more than a sex object.

An escape to my home-away-from-home revitalised me for the week, with enough energy to power through three assignments, all due Monday. Praise God for keeping me sane through that. After only getting three hours sleep last night it's time for this gent to hit the hay.

Thanks for a great dinner last night- and some awesome episodes of Look Around You, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and... others... Your awesomeness risotto truly is made of awesome. I missed you heaps. I didn't really get to chat about where things are at and how your head's going, but we'll get there.

Hmmm... I could use an ice-cream later. Or some gaming. Or both.


P.S. In case you're wondering- that's a picture of my house. Not the church, but the old vicarage attached to it.


  1. it is a lovely morning indeed :). happy nap time! I'm off to class, yay! :D

  2. its a turtle!!!! YAY!!!!
    With Ice Cream!!! Double YAY!!!!

    Remember to share!

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful day today :)

    (And in a perverse sort of way, I guess I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who got 3 hours of sleep last night :P)

  4. Evan, you are great! Your comment pretty much put a grin on my face this morning. Glad you are in such a happy, wonderful place! :-)

  5. My pleasure :D.

    By the way, Chess... I have something for you, if you'll just step this way. It's just right here in this...


    Yay! I win! :)

    I'm glad you're grinning :).

  6. Does that mean this little girl gets to kick your ass???

    I joke! I joke!!!

    I need you in one piece! xD

  7. You can kick my ass any time... :)

    Oh, that would be nice...

    Behave, Evan! Silly boy!


  8. Oh Evan!!!

    Bring it ON!!!

    and where will it lead to next???


  9. ... Now you should behave, or I'll have to punish you again ;)

  10. And what do you propose as punishment???

    I'm tooo sweet of an angel to be punished by You!


  11. Ok. I like creepy, but this is pushing it for everyone else that's reading these comments.

    Oh, what the heck-
    I'd tie your hands together then, gently at first, take- STOP!

    That's seriously creepy.

    Stay in school, don't do drugs.


  12. No Drugs :)

    I'm still in school....

    Why? Do you like uniforms or something???

    I JOKE I JOKE xD!!!!!!!

    You are horrible!!! You started this!!!

  13. You ruined my innocent(ish) little world...


    See you soon, I hope :).

  14. You innocent????

    You started all this!

    My comment was innocent until you corrupted me with the following comments!

    What would my mother say? eh?

    LOL :) hope to see you soon too! =)

  15. Hopefully, after I've punished you, she can punish me ;)

  16. ...


    Can you not???!!!

    You just HAD to say that didn't you????

    So much for being innocent!!!

    *rolls eyes*

  17. *palms to head*


    And this is the person who's meant to make sure I'm still alive on formal night...

  18. Look, now you've upset Ames!

    Tsk tsk.

  19. Oh, I upset my fiancee???

    More like the person with the creepy COMMENTS upset her instead!!!

    You are HORRIBLE!!!


  20. I was all inspired by your lovely post and now I'm all... disturbed. It's like walking in on your parents or something. Ick.


    Glad you are well, dear. I don't know if never meeting you qualifies me to miss you, but I think that I do.

    Many (innocent) kisses,

  21. Don't worry. Your blogging hiatus has had a similar effect on me.

    To make matters worse, HH is a little, high school student :). What do you Americans call high school?

    I'm so tired- Need more sleep...

  22. So... it's like walking in on your parents if one of them was in high school.

    Us American's call high school by its proper name: high school. :)

    Get more sleep!

  23. Little High School Student???

    You make me sound like a freshman, Evan!

    I'll have you know, I'm a Senior...as the Americans call it :)