Thursday, 10 November 2011

One month

And then I'll be a married man. Bound forever to love and cherish that wonderful girl. It's a little scary. Not because we'll be inseparably entwined for the rest of our lives. But because I'm not good at organising things.

Luckily, she is. And so's my father.

In fact, she's great at a lot of things. Cooking. Drawing. Physical exercise.

I've got a few things to bring to the table. I'm good at cleaning. I hope I'm thoughtful (when it comes to her).

It's not a competition. But I really should get her to handle the illustrations around here, if she won't do any for her own blog.

These're all hers:


  1. Adorable. Congratulations to you both!

  2. You're posting my drawings on your blog?? *blushes* Poor Miles looks like a rabbit here.

  3. Thanks, Soph :).

    Yes, My Love, your drawings are SO much better than mine. We should make a habit of after-dinner sketching :).