Monday, 7 November 2011

Our Love

Thank you, Dear Jax
For walking with me
While we test out our strength;
As we splash in the sea
For your smile when I'm crass-
and your hugs all these years
are BY FAR the best...

...I wish you were here.

Zehnten Dezember wouldn't be the same without you-

I love you so much,

See you soon,


P.S. In case I screwed that up, I do mean the 10th December, whatever the German might say.

P.P.S. For everyone else- I've been unwell for several weeks, battling this. It'll still be a few weeks before I'm recovered. Thanks for the prayers. I hope those Uni students facing exams aren't too stressed right now. Buona fortuna!


  1. You made my eyes all watery... And maybe a little bit more :D

    Miss you.

  2. That, plus hepatomegaly and anorexia.
    Get better soon.
    Getting better :)
    mew mew mew!