Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Last night I retired to bed much later than I was intending to. I was absorbed in one of the many forms of escapism with which I pass the time. Last night it was tales of vampire romance. The night before it was raiding the catacombs beneath a monastery.

Escapism I find to be most useful at times. For example, at no point while I was immersed in the troubles faced by a mortal's love for an immortal did I contemplate the phone bill that was causing me to lose sleep. I then proceeded, unencumbered, to make use of the time one usually designates for repose in the traditional manner. Not that vampires need that, you understand. Not sleeping and all. Ever.

I hope to return home today after a day's study to race my friends from the Mushroom Kingdom in their "karts".

Another form of escapism is getting so caught up in a situation I love. A situation I crave. I maneuver myself around this vision of paradise in my head until nothing else can penetrate my mental state.


Sorry about that. Got a bit carried away... Lost you all for a minute...

Enjoy your fantasies, everyone,


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