Friday, 27 February 2009

The drab alternative... isn't so bad

It appears that I must blog from the local library. I've just put through my subject selection for next semester. Yes, I know. It does indeed start next Monday.

This also brings sad news. I was rejected (of course) from studying Italian this year. Oh, well. With my terrible grades, I was foolish to hope.

This semester I will turn everything around. Regular exercise, regular sleep, regular diet, regular study (University and scripture); a fully regulated lifestyle. I'm actually looking forward to it with great anticipation. It should help in my quest for good health. Actually, this morning I bought myself a nice set of bathroom scales to the same end.

I'm taking some electives this year: Computational Biomechanics and Organisational Behaviour. Should be interesting. On top of purchasing the text books, I should probably read them this time.

Hope all the Uni students on the Aus timetable had a relaxing holiday. Time to get back to it.


P.S. I'll also be living on a tighter budget this year, so don't be offended if I can't go out when you ask. I still care. Just in a poorer way.

P.P.S. I hope everyone enjoyed "The Water Hole" (see previous post) and to those that haven't seen it yet... There's still two days left! Don't miss out! Get yourself to the ACCA quicksmart!

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