Friday, 6 February 2009

Oh, happy day! and Twilight hours

This morning, I was alert in lecture.
By mid-morning I was happily munching down on some hot cross buns.
Lunch time came around to a delicious schnitzel sandwich.
Afternoon lecture was as enthralling as the first.
Tutorial went smoothly.
Father called with good news about bureaucratic what-not.
I finished my novel (more on that later). Oh, Yes.
I organised to complete my assignment this afternoon.
I have free time to collect my thoughts and email my girlfriend.
All is well. Hmmm... *looks at header*

Probably have forgotten something... Oh, well.

Now, I'm no fanboy (except when it comes to Shigesato Itoi, Michel Ancel, Asian grocery stores, classic children's literature, etc.), but I must tip my hat to a certain Stephenie Meyer. She's just provided me with hours upon hours of endlessly enjoyable escapism in the form of her best-selling Twilight Series. The characters were detailed enough so that interest never faltered and the stories were such that I was never left with any feeling of dissatisfaction at what was being presented. I was left wanting to know more, but never uninterested as the events unfolded. It presented as cleverly structured teen fiction, and (despite highly critical friends of mine saying otherwise) although floral with descriptions of events and characters, was never saturated. It certainly gets my approval. I'd write essays on it (the code of ethics presented, the inbuilt advice for teenagers, the social commentary on human progress, the depiction of teen "love", the politically/historically interesting social analysis, the depiction of human emotions and emotional responses as well as the classic portayal of what it is to join the adult world, among many others besides), but that would detract from what it is meant to be: An enjoyable piece of teen fiction, depicting a fantastical world that teenagers can still relate to (thus ensuring inevitable comparisons with another best-selling series) and - more importantly for me - get lost in.

NB: I'm not actually a teenager... *sigh*

Get lost in a good book, y'all,


P.S. Who's my reader in Seremban? Hmmm... They didn't stay long...

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