Saturday, 28 February 2009

Try as I might and Hyperventilation

Another attempt to broaden the spectrum? Why not?

The nature of business management has crept into a lot of things for me lately. Subject selection, noteworthy pieces of news, relatives' updates and stories, etc. The way in which power is held over the parts that make up a corporate body... Zzz...

That didn't work. I fell asleep before I could finish. It was an attempt in earnest as well. Let's start smaller. And less money-related. And for heaven's sake, let us for once not revert to Mother 3 as the default topic.

Although chapter 7 of the handbook was just released on the secret forum.


Control yourself, Man.

University students of Australia all return to study around this week, myself included. Many in the water park were unable to talk of anything else. "Pub crawl" this and "concert" that. The important parts of uni life were the main topics of discussion. It'll be nice to blog from my desk again, instead of this mobile phone. Hmmm... Another topic is surfacing.

It seems my paranoia exploded again this afternoon. I read into a simple story a lot more than was intended. I saw break-ups and self-loathing. I saw destructive behaviour leading to unhealthy dependance. I saw delusional people walking in circles. Still, she really shouldn't have brought up the topic of fruit conserve. Especially fig. It tears at a mutual weakness. The analogy of the preservatives was hard to miss.

Have a safe night, everyone.


P.S. *twitch* I'm fine.


P.P.S. Thanks for putting up with me.


  1. Geez.. talk about paranoia.. twitch indeed. You carry on like this and I'm going to start twitching too. But at least I finished the rhubarb jam.

  2. I get nervous, I get paranoid. I get more nervous, I make jokes. I get even more nervous, I sneak into pine plantations and perform shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (or if I'm in the mood, Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe).

    Again, thanks for putting up with me and my limited theatrical abilities.

  3. Funny that you would say Midsummer Night's Dream ... last night after the concert in Rosalind Park, I put in my earphones and tuned in to ABC Classic for some music while I walked home, and the Wedding March was playing. I nearly jumped out of my skin. It turned out that it was Saturday Night At The Opera and they were doing Midsummer Night's Dream with music by Mendelssohn.

  4. I think this was a stage where I was ACTUALLY entertaining with what I wrote...

    And I love our banter in the comments :).