Monday, 1 June 2009

Ah, well... There you have it

I could have posted about the fantastic music festival I've been to. I could have posted about the fun-filled treks across town I've made. I could have posted about exciting visits to new restaurants.

Instead I post about facial hair and study.

Today, after getting not quite enough done, I decided to reward myself. I had some tasty lunch, then helped myself to a nice hot shower. Then I had a brain wave! Last night, my beautiful girl was recently reminiscing about a time when the length and style of my facial hair was more appealing. I thought to myself, while standing in front of the mirror that I would restyle my beard like it had once been!

I set about with all manner of electrical devices to see if I could recreate that style... Less on the moustache... Less around the front... medium length around the sides... Yes! Yes! Yes!

It was working!

I made the final adjustments then cracked a big grin! Then I witnessed my face breaking in front of me. It was (is) ruined!

Ah, well... We move on...

And grow back our beards...



  1. photo please :D

  2. I tried for 30 seconds to find you email address, then realised... Nope. No pics. I'm growing it back, first... If my haircut on Thurs goes well, I may reconsider...

  3. Oops! *your


    Why is it that I couldn't leave that uncorrected?



    Back to study...

  4. so be it :)

    grrrr im hating this essay...