Friday, 5 June 2009

From person to pixel to person

Last night at the smashing supper hosted by my beloved, I was struck with a thought. Here's how it happened...

The choir ladies were all discussing an amusing segment on a music quiz show this week that revealed how funny it was when things in English had been translated into Japanese, then directly translated back into English. Now, earlier I had taken a sprite (the one from my last post) and created an image out of an interpretation of the pixels (also shown in my last post). That was a lot of fun. Now I'd worked things the other way often enough. I like taking things from the real world and creating cute pixel versions. The thought started to bubble and brew...

...What if I were to complete the cycle? Using the translating an already translated piece of work... I could create a new interpretation! An interpretation of an interpretation!

The result isn't nearly as nice as the original. She's still the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Ah, well. It's kinda cute.

And to put everyones' minds at ease, it took a mere 18 minutes out of my lunch break. I'm still studying hard.


P.S. On further examination, I believe I intended those two skin coloured pixels (below the black one, on the right side - her left - of her face) to be an ear... Oops! Mistranslations add to the concept, I think.


All right! Just leave it alone, already!


  1. She looks like a girl version of Oliver Twist. "Please sir may I have some more?"

    :) cuter than Oliver though

  2. Heh heh. It's the outstretched hand, yes?

    Her hair looks better with the extra lines, but I think she was cuter without a nose...

    You're cute...

    Much cuter than her...

  3. Agreed, it's cuter without a nose ... less sharp, more dreamy. But without a nose I have no nose stud.