Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Too much fun!

Well, in the time between trying to sleep, finding my headache too excruciating to bear, and finally managing to hopefully get some shut-eye...

... I did these!

Pretty, huh?

This first one is an attempt to inspire a friend. I really want him to design a logo for us! I have big plans! See how easy it is?

The second is a design inspired by his blog. Yay!



P.S. A thought occurs... I'm trying to create something appealing with minimal colours and shapes... This appears to be much the same as my pixel art... Same vein, yes?

P.P.S. Another thought occurs... I forgot the hole in the middle of the cog's shadow. Poop.


That's better!


  1. Hello! It's nice to have new people comment :).

    Sadly, I cannot read much of your blog. Perhaps my girlfriend could help me understand a bit. She's Malaysian.

    Thanks for the approval!

  2. Apa khabar Nabilah, I read your blog and I must say you write very well! How did you get here??

    Ev I like the mushroom cloud and the melodic cog ... I always rather thought of melodatron as being some sort of melodic electron =)

    p.s. spot the spelling/grammatical mistake in the blog post! I'm such a nit picker..

  3. Hello owner of the blog.
    I think it is nice for others to appreciate other peoples writing @ drawing and so forth because blog is created for a reason right?
    For the owner to express themselves for others to read. I like to view other peoples blog.
    Even sometimes I don't really understand their language so I don't really get what are they trying to share.
    But i hope 1 day i'll learn their language.
    It is nice to know that your girlfriend is a Malaysian.
    So you can drop by my blog anytime than!

  4. Saya sihat saja Kat. Kamu pula bagaimana?
    I write very well? I think my writing sucks!
    You should read my friends blog. They are so good at writing! I envy them. I just click the next blog button. That is how I manage to visit this blog.
    Is electron has something to do with chemistry and physic? I hate both of the subject during school years. =)

    Well, you get my approval to correct my mistake and errors. I suck in my grammar and spelling. But the funny thing is, i always won in spelling bee competition.

    Nice to know the both of you!!