Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Well, I've been having a most disturbing recurring dream... I'm playing Art Style: ROTOHEX, happily twisting the hexagons; skillfully manipulating the tiny triangles to form hexagons of a single colour, when suddenly... nothing happens. I've completed a hexagon, but instead of disappearing, it just stays there. I start to panic.

I try another one. It stays put as well. Usually I try three or four until the screen fills and I wake up.

I wish my dreams were more along the lines of Bit.Trip Beat. Such colourful, bouncy fun!

That is, if they can't be about my beautiful girl every night.

That's right. Try and hold down your lunches, people.

Lots of love for this ongoing exam period. Try not to catch piggy flu, y'all.



  1. awww, hope my guy loves me as much as u love kat :)

    all the best for the remaining exam period!!
    jia you (add oil = keep at it!)

  2. I hope he does too :).

    Wait... I don't mean to get you down or anything, but I'm not sure if that's possible...


    Exam today went reasonably well, despite my terrible flu! Yay!

    Thanks for the wishes!