Tuesday, 22 September 2009


It's only the first page, but here's a preview until I work out what to do with it.

If you want, you can request a copy to read, but I might work on getting it published, so I won't make it generally available.

Much love,


P.S. Thank you so much, Kim, for bringing the characters to (some strange form of) life.

P.P.S. Copyright Evan and Kim Ritchie, 2009


  1. how very cute :)

  2. It is gorgeous. I don't fully *understand* it but as I have found, understanding is not necessary to enjoy something.

  3. Heh heh. Yeah, well :). Thanks. I'm chuffed at the things me and my sis can produce in one solitary evening :).

    She's a clever cookie.

    I tried explaining it to you, but I guess that wasn't the whole picture. It was more created out of a whim. A sad whim, but a whim.

  4. I'm worse off that Kat, I don't understand at all....but that's a good thing. Well done :)

  5. But see Ev if I understood it all, I would be very sad. So I'm happier off not understanding, leave me in my partial denial. Not understand it all is indeed a good thing :P

    I just finished watching the freakiest movie - it involves someone with a sack mask on - masks scare me :( :(

  6. Don't watch horror movies, then, beautiful Teeng :).

    The story is, of itself, nothing else. It was written with other things in mind, but it isn't alegory, it isn't a metaphore. It's an alternative to the average children's story. It was written for me.

    I wanted to write something for you, but the last person I wrote anything substantial for threw it back at me and said: "It's just a page filled with letters. Do something useful."

    I almost wanna say thanks to everyone for not being a psychopath, but that might set a bad precedent. And besides, I'm insane.

    Why is that different from being crazy about you? :)

    I'll keep doing things for you and when you feel you could stomach my soul being poured into your lap, drop me a line.

    I reckon people get sick of that from me.

    P.S. Thanks everyone for your support and praise for the project, and just what can be achieved in a very short time, with a little sibling love.