Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Misuta Dorira Warudo!

That's right! I've been playing Mr. Driller W (or Mr. Driller World, as it should have been called). This is my first introduction to Mr. Driller and it seems I've been missing out.

Imagine you're mining through tetris-like blocks, with the sole purpose of digging to an exit, kilometers down into the earth's crust. Now, as you drill through a block, it's shattered and will release any blocks that it was previously supporting, causing an avalanch overhead. As blocks collide, patterns of more than 4, same-coloured blocks will vanish, causing further mayhem.

Sound tough? Not yet?

Hmmm... Now add the fact that, in true mining style, oxygen is important. That's right. Instead of digging for jewels, it's precious, life-giving air tanks we need!

As a timer at the side of the screen counts down the amount of air in your lungs, you must avoid the falling blocks, set loose by combos you started way back when.

But not all is woe in the world of Mr. Driller. Blocks of like colours will stick as they fall overhead, often saving you from death, which is always just one mistake away.

You must think many moves ahead, but at the same time this must be done at break-neck speeds.

There are 7 characters and a bonus character to unlock (each with slightly different abilities). Each "country" (level) has an easy, normal and hard mode. A couple of countries are initially available, with more unlocked as stages are beaten. The countries are Japan, China, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, America and two endless stages, the North Pole and the Moon.

A cute, Japanese, action-puzzler that'll keep you coming back for a drilling, time after time ;).

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