Sunday, 20 September 2009

Who's the greatest?

That was the sermon today. It was about a true understanding of the example of Christ. From the old testament we see a King, worthy of worship. We should shout praises to this mighty King. But what is this King's nature?

We see the King take the role of servant to all.

We heard how Jesus's disciples misunderstood what it means to be great. They were bickering about who would hold higher rank in God's kingdom, and Jesus told them that we must come last to come first.

Lately, I've been told that there's no one better than me in many areas. That I fill a role that no one, yet, has shown aptitude for.

But still I can't be trusted with responsibility? It may be delicate, but those simple words say; "I trust you'll take care of it. It's yours right now."

I wrote a short story today. It was the best one yet. Not really because of any real skill on my behalf, but because my wonderful sister took it upon herself to draw a series of illustrations for it.

Lots of people enjoyed it. One wouldn't give comment. Others said it was well told, but too...

Well, you'll read it soon enough. I can't let you read it without Kim's pictures, so I'll take the time to make a proper pdf of it.

Much love - the driving force of the universe - to you all.

Enjoy your break, UniMelb students,


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