Sunday, 22 November 2009

Is this asking too much?

I'm good at asking too much, but I didn't think I was asking too much today.

I wanted to smile. I wanted to study. I wanted to laugh. By and large, I did those things. But why couldn't you just say what I wanted to hear?

"I can't stand you"? Really? And you want someone perfect? Genetically engineered? What happened to "there are some things I dislike about you, but I wouldn't change a thing, because then you wouldn't be you."?

The aches and groans I feel each day are a reminder of the great gifts I've been given. It may hurt, but at least I can feel everything around me- everyone around me.

You are changing your tune. Do you have to do it publicly? Today? At least commit to the promise of friendship you made.

I will spill blood if that one is ever broken.

Try me.


P.S. I'm wearing my boots today, because the rain claimed my sneakers. I think my shoes might be ruined, too.

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