Monday, 21 June 2010

She's leaving on a jet plane

She knows exactly when she'll be back again, and I've marked the date on every note book and calendar and tree in the park I could find (See the ones with: "For a good time, call Kat on 04** *** ***. She gets back on the ** of ***.")

Our time together over the last few days was rewarding and reaffirming. It was great to see Eric celebrate in our joyful story of triumph over some very tough obstacles as we stumbled back from Bar Nothing (Stumbled, not because of the cheap cocktails, but because of the distance we had to travel to get there and back).

The "weekend" (starting from Friday morning) began a little grumpy, but soon became a whirlwind of fun and smiles.

Speaking of fun: Bart and Baker Present: Swing Party. Now, that's fun.

Oh, and I just got my N900, so I shall be playing with that for some time.


This is one boring post.

Let's combine it with another one.

Sketchbook time!

Eat Your Vegetables:

Simple Diagram:

Apparently Quite Fuzzy:

Free no more:

Dial Tone:

By now, you're most likely feeling this way:

Catch you on the flip-side, Cool Cats!



  1. My favorite was the bed. It made me giggle! :-)

  2. Heh heh. Yay! I had a long train trip up to visit my beautiful bride-to-be, and I slept for 95% of it, and scribbled the rest :).

    How do you comment so fast?!

  3. This was evidently much more productive than commenting incessantly on people's fb statuses :).

  4. You certainly lifted my weekend out of the dumpster :)

  5. It was rather lovely, wasn't it :)?

    I'm glad Kat had a nice sending off celebration, even if we did eat too much in the wee hours of the morning...

    Thanks for your hospitality, as always, m'dear!