Friday, 25 June 2010

It's been a while

Well, not that long. I'm tired. Seriously tired. I'm tired on the level of: Under two hours sleep a night for as long as I can remember (5 days? I never had a great memory), then exams, then martinis, then video games, then shopping, then spending time with friends, then writing about how tired I am. I'm sure you'll agree, that's fairly tired.

Here's a story:

I bought a case for my new phone. It didn't fit very well. It covered up the headphone hole thing (technical term). The phone kept slipping out. I went back to the store - a tiny little phone shop in China Town - and they gave me another of the same kind. It was still rather shoddy, although it had more grip that the first. I certainly didn't have enough money to buy a better one.

If you're worried about reading further, I can assure you that this story has a happy ending. If you've fallen asleep, then you're exactly where I want to be*.

Let's return to the tale. I proceeded to the only phone shop in Melbourne that I hadn't visited. I asked about cases for an N900. The lovely young lady took out a marvellous little case that was solidly build and cost EXACTLY the same amount I paid for mine. I looked on in wonder and lust, ever mindful that I could never hold that beautiful case in my hands, as punishment for the haste in which I had purchased mine. Now imagine my surprise when - here comes the good part - she reached across the counter, took my shoddy case, and said, "Don't worry, we'll swap it! Here you go!"

Like that story? I'm sure you'll agree that my tale is much like the products these guys sell**:

I hope you're all doing well.

Much love,


P.S. If you didn't like my story, you can apply for a refund in full. Simply return goods in original condition to 235 Palmerston Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, 3053.

P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of (not)chickens. Like I said, I'm tired. Instead, you can have a photo of some people that I love. Oh, and then one of me in drag. Happy? Me neither.

P.P.P.S. Where do I put the footnotes now? Below the post scripts? Before the photos? After the photos***?

*Asleep in front of your computer.
**Riveting stuff.
***Right here.


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  2. Drag eh? What was the special occasion? I think that would be a riveting story, for sure! ;-)

  3. is that Mr Wood I see in the background?

    He looks younger than I remember so either its not him or he is aging backwards...

    Now that would be a cool story.

    The Anonymous Poster Child

    P.S. you still haven't answered all your pixel peep requests. Make yourself useful this holiday instead of spending the entire time wallowing in the vast ocean that is you engagement bliss.

  4. Post more.

    Also why don't bars serve cooked mushrooms. They are the best drunk food.


  5. Do I? Well, talk of drunkenness and mushrooms... Must be Adi! :D

    Also- Happy birthday!