Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rainy front gate

I scribbled from memory. Here's what it looks like without the rain.

And here's a question that's bugged me for ages:

After showing my sister this scribble, she concluded that the reason I can't draw Kat is because I can't even draw myself.

I love you too, Kim.



  1. This looks really nice :) I also like the addtion of color in your art this time!

  2. I certainly do have a trademark style, don't I? Goodness... Few people know that the style is actually derived from the uncontrollable shakes I have due to the steroids in my asthma medication :). It makes drawing straight lines very difficult. I like to take advantage of this :).

    Thanks for the compliments :D.

  3. Its a beautiful style. As an artist, I am totally envious that you came up with this idea first ;) (and that you make such amazing art with this simple idea!)

    Have you ever considered children's book illustration? I honestly could see your art in a children's book. You have a lot of talent; you should pursue this.

    (p.s. I showed this picture to the Brother, and he says that it looks like something out of a Peanuts comic! I'd say this is pretty sweet! :3)

  4. You may recall:

    The intention behind that silly story was actually to see if I could illustrate, rather than to write anything. Again, my shaky hands came in handy :).

    Thanks, Emmy and Emmy's brother!

    Do you have any of your work available online?

  5. Wow. I just googled "scribble sketches art style" and found this website:

    THAT'S cool.

  6. Oh, I really like that. Plus color! I didn't know about the shakes thing. If anything, it adds a total authenticity and originality to your work. I love your sketches. I agree with Emmy. I would so read a book that you illustrated. :-)

  7. I'll bring my sketch book on the train for tomorrow's journey :).

    Thanks, y'all!


  8. Your sister's funny ! Une drole de fille ;-D Hahaha. Send her my regards, if she remembers me ! X-D

  9. That was really two questions. :)