Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chocolate pudding addiction

Do you have some chocolates sitting in the cupboard that have started to separate and bloom? Do you hate the white powdery ick that makes them taste funny? Do you wish you could go back in time and eat them before we came to this awful scenario?!

Of course not! You sensible people never leave chocolates in the cupboard for months or years, because chocolate is so irresistibly delicious!

But if, like me, you just married someone who is good at maintaining a healthy near-chocolate-free routine, then this recipe might be useful:

Chocolate Pudding: Serves 4


2 handfuls chocolate(s)
90g butter
1/3 cup raw sugar
3/4 cup SR flour
3 eggs


1. Melt the butter in a saucepan, and while this is happening...

2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in a bowl, stirring half way [2 x 30sec @ ~750W]

3. Add the sugar and the melted (or at least getting there) chocolate to the saucepan, along with almost all the flour. Turn off the heat and mix all the ingredients together.

4. After a few seconds of cooling time, crack the eggs into the mix, and stir in thoroughly, then add the rest of the flour to help integrate the eggs.

5. Bake for around 8 minutes (or longer if you want it more cake-y, less saucy) in either individual oven-safe bowls, or a loaf pan lined with baking paper.

6. Serve with ice-cream!

I made up this recipe because I don't like following prescribed methods of cooking (I love to experiment in the kitchen- I read recipes to know how ingredients react, then make up my own) and I needed to use up those icky chocolates that were left over from years before. It tastes amazing, and I doubt I could ever be bothered with any other chocolate pudding recipe after this one. 3-4 minutes of work and 8 minutes cooking? Heck, yeah!

This recipe can also be easily modified, and once you have an idea about the consistency of the mixture, feel free to add whatever you like. For example, the pudding pictured above is an Orange Mocha Chocolate Pudding I made two nights ago, replacing the chocolate with orange chocolate, and adding a sachet of Malaysian white coffee powder. It was amazing.


  1. Healthy and near-chocolate-free are not mutually dependent routines!!!


  2. Very true! Actually, she's decided that sugar is what's keeping me up at night...


  3. Yes. Yes it is. It is sugar keeping you hyperactive and blazing through your blood vessels.

    Good spelling today too ^__^

  4. THAT LOOKS SO GOOD. My goodness. I mean, I would of course never have any chocolate just hanging around, but I would trade sleep in for some of that.

  5. Dessert for breakfast.

    Problem solved (well, except for the sugar crash, but better than sleep problems at night :P)

    1. You're a genius! I'm all over that solution! Cake time~! :D