Monday, 30 January 2012

Portal 2 Turret and Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli Piano Sheet Music Book

Thanks, Frase and Adi! It's so nice to be woken by machine-gun fire when a cat accidentally steps in front of this adorable sentry turret from Portal 2. A wonderful wedding gift!

We've had lots of fun listening to the cute comments the turret makes when it's found us, or when we knock it over. There's nothing like hearing "I don't hate you" after you've pushed over this adorable piece of Aperture Science (Read: Think Geek) technology.

Although we're yet to convince 'Cini of its value...

A few things arrived in the post today, and one of which I put straight on the piano stand and tried my best to belt out a tune- to no avail. It'll take me a very long time to get even one of these pretty pieces sounding any good. But I'm sure I'll get a lot of joy out of them when I do.

These are the songs in the book...
...And these...
...And these!
I hope you're having fun somewhere,

Much love,



  1. Oh! Studio Ghibli! Pretty ...

  2. And it's got around 90 SONGS! Or maybe exactly 90 songs... Even from a few that haven't been released here yet!

  3. Where are you getting your books from Evan? I want to get some now....

    1. CDJapan, YesAsia, Ebay and, along with amiami and HLJ.

      Probably in that order as well, in terms of usefulness. And the best thing is, language isn't a barrier! :D