Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Kitties, toys and music!

Last week we welcomed a new member of our (ever-growing) household. Puccini, the Devon Rex - previously owned by a family friend, and finding the situation with a new baby to be unpleasant - now lives and plays in our large house, sometimes snarling, sometimes purring, and other times sleeping on a lap for a few minutes, only to wake up, hiss, then bite whoever's attached to the lap. Puccini likes to keep things interesting.

 At first we kept him away from the other feline inhabitants of the house, but after only a few days he was happy to play with his new friends- only very occasionally freaking out, yelling then storming off. "Young cats these days..." he murmurs...

Aaaaaand... *Chomp*

A couple of posts back we met The Chosen Four, plus Porky. However, these aren't the only new inhabitants of our bookshelves.

We have Nicholas D. Wolfwood, the travelling minister. He's the only man whose skill with a firearm could ever compare with...

Vash! The hero from Trigun! Sporting his iconic hand gun, red coat and round glasses, we see him in all his infinitely-pose-able glory.

Here's a wedding present from my sister that captures both me and her very well. I love toys, and we both adore The Muppet Christmas Carol. Here we have Bob Cratchit (Kermit) and Tiny Tim (Robin) singing joyfully on their way back home for the Christmas Eve meal.

And here's the rest of the set! The Ghost of Christmas Present, Robert and Jacob Marley (Statler and Waldorf), Fozziwig (Fozzie Bear) and some ice-skating penguins. A lovely collection!

One thing we really enjoyed in Singapore was The Tintin Shop! Here's our latest wall decoration, featuring Snowy chasing a lizard!

And the marvellous gift, courtesy of the Best Man- A 10 figure set of Disgaea 4 toys, which came with the game, a soundtrack, an art book, a guide and stickers! I love stickers! Thank you so much, Jackson!

Can you spot the live one on the table? 'Cini can!

Testing out our fabulous new pizza stone is... Adam and I! Thanks, My Love for cooking us pizza! It had goats' cheese, eggplant, and all sorts of goodies.

What's this? A Moroccan tea set? Such beautiful colours! Apparently we shouldn't clean it (to keep it authentic) and the dirt will add to the flavour. After receiving this gift from our friend Cass, we decided we really need a display cupboard in the kitchen to display our growing collection of teapots.

Last night we had an impromptu dinner party, and the evening's success can be attributed wholly to our guest, Chris's swan trifle! So pretty! Chris is the fellow who hand-made (over several months) a gift of 1000 paper cranes!

We have so many amazing friends! We have these beautiful kitties, courtesy of Jo and Richard, of Impress Tea House & Gallery fame!

Here's our bookshelf as of this morning, but I don't expect it to stay this way for long...

After waiting MANY months for restock, my Ouran poster arrived! Now the music room is looking even more lovely!

Wait, what was that you saw? A piano?! How did that get there? Thank you for everyone who contributed towards our amazing digital piano (St Paul's Choir, Jiapei & Michael, Vong, Jess, Berenika and Ray & Anne Moore)! It's been a real treat playing again, and listening to my wife's performances.

Thanks to everyone who shared in our wedding celebration and thank you for all the exciting gifts! Our house is looking beautiful, and we're so grateful for all our friends! I hope this new year is full of joy and learning and good friends.

Much love,



  1. Fantastic guys - what wonderful people you are and what great friends you have - Your friend chris is a marvel - you are so blessed to have him.

    1. Indeed he is! We no longer need our oven, after that amazing cooking contraption he gave us!

      We're very blessed to have all our friends, especially the crazy lot we'll be having dinner with this Friday night ;)

    2. uhhh thanks!

      Still I would love to meet Chris as he seems such a lovely friend to you both.

      Now that cooking contraption is really something indeed. He must be a really nice fellow.

      See you Friday night :)

  2. Oh my, there is too much awesomeness contained in one post. This is magnificent!

    1. Indeed! It's been an amazing year so far, full of dinners with friends and musical afternoons, snuggles with kitties and playtime with toys, culinary experimentation and so much more!

      Oooh, that reminds me, I have a rather nice pudding recipe I must write down...

  3. You know what? Not a single spelling or grammatical mistake today :) well done, my little soybean.

    Good collection of happiness in this post, I think :)

    1. Yaysies! I'm slowly getting better :)

      Thanks, Squeezie-Bubbles! :D

  4. I love your new cat's face. Seriously, it is full of so much personality. He looks smart. :)

    Many hugs,

    1. *Squeeze*

      He does look smart, but I'm not sure if we'll ever know whether he is or not. He struts around, sometimes coming up for a pet, other times scowling...

      All of our cats are beautiful :)