Sunday, 22 January 2012

"We've been here longer than you..!"

...was the reasoning our neighbours gave recently in response to our request that they try not to kill each other- but I think it's also a fair description for most racism. For some reason mistreating others is the right of the majority.

After a most pleasant weekend with my folks, and little sister - making desserts, eating home-made pizzas and watching BBC dramas - we came to a point where officers of the law had to be called in. We established that hands around throats and swinging fists didn't offer the best environment to raise the tiny child that was present, nor guaranteed its safety.

After hearing that line (the title of this post) given as the reason the couple over the fence were entitled to continue their screaming and punching, I started thinking about many things, not least of all my own safety and the potential repercussions for involving the police. After securing all the doors, I gave thanks for the joy my wife and I share and how great it is to know that dedicating our lives to something bigger than ourselves takes away some of the all-consuming self-centredness that constricts the view of many or our neighbours. I hope the couple received the wake-up call they needed, and they might soon see their child's future as something they can rally around, united as a family.

A wonderful present returned to me today after I got it framed. Thank you so much, Jackson. It's beautiful.

Here you see the lead character from Disgaea 4, Valvatorez, along with three other members of the cast. The game so far has been hilarious, and I adore the little figures that came with it, which I showed in an earlier post.

For now, I'd like to return to the home-made pizza, and a lemon tart!

I hope you all get the rest you needed to prepare for the New Year. See you soon!


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  1. You're most welcome sugar ;)
    Glad to see everything arrived and looks so nice! Hope the pizza is tasty (although I doubt it won't be,) and must chat again soon!

    1. Thanks, Beautiful One :). I had a lot of fun today rearranging my toys. I hope you find the laptop you're looking for :)