Tuesday, 7 April 2009

*Drum roll*... the Mother 3 Handbook!

Yes, I thought I'd better do a proper post about receiving the Handbook. As everyone on the planet must know by now, the greatest fan-made creation in a while (at least since the Mother 3 fan translation) has officially started hitting people's mail boxes.

If you're unaware of this work of dedication and love, I highly suggest you check out the... Mother 3 Handbook!

With a production quality surpassing any official guide, the team behind its creation (notably: John Kay, Reid Young, Andrew Rogers, Clyde Mandelin, Camille Young, Steven Campos, Emilio Orsi, Sebastian Hardy, Christopher Warriner, Brian Jaworski, Charlie Verdin, Kevin Williams, Jeff Erbrecht) along with the Starmen.net community's love and support have really acted as a shining beacon of what a true online community can be capable of.

Now, what is Mother 3, you ask?

It's strange, beautiful and heart-breaking. Please, I urge you to head to the fan translation site and begin a journey that will change you for ever. It was never released in English (and probably never will be), so fans created an unofficial English translation. It is the third in the Mother series. Obvious, really.

Beneath its quirky exterior of transvestite magypsies, pig mask soldiers and cross breed creatures (horsantula, anyone?) lies a social commentary you won't want to miss and a heart that beats to a rhythm that is immediately familiar; an idealistic push for what is good and pure, despite what our broken world keeps throwing at us. It has tragedy, crushing defeat and death. It has courage, strength and friendship.

I must stop here. Just thinking about it, I'm starting to tear up a little.

The Handbook itself contains hundreds of illustrations, tons of humourous references and over 50 clay models. It's a worthy addition to any gamer bookshelf.

Also, you may note the necklace above. It was a limited addition key chain (depicting the courage badge from the game) that came with books ordered prior to the middle of January this year (2009). However, as I don't have many keys, I figured a better use would be something I could wear. After trips to three jewellers and a cheap jewellery store I managed to modify the key chain into the necklace you see above. It cost me a total of $7.00AUD. I'm very pleased with it. Although, as I've said, it won't replace the necklace I normally wear.

Unless of course I'm in a particularly nerdy surrounding.

Seriously, check out the game, then get the book. If you see me afterwards, feel free to come up and hold me without explanation. I'll understand.


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