Saturday, 25 April 2009


The exclamation mark is to ensure I don't become too docile. As you might have noticed from that little button to the side there, I've started THIS as a small project. The premise is one I borrowed from my sister.

One day, I was recommending books to her and she said to me, "Ev, it's just too exciting for me. I like books where nothing happens. I like books which go nowhere and take a long time getting there."

Although I decided not to go with her last preference, I have decided to cater to that audience (an audience of one, I'm guessing). Each story isn't a story in the traditional sense, but a series of events that occur, perhaps with some significance, perhaps not. And these events make up a short narrative. Character development isn't guaranteed. Consistency will be attempted. Plot is a rarity.

Like I said; probably a niche market. Well, market is the wrong word.

I hope someone enjoys the small haven of certainty I'm constructing.

Stay a while. Smile. There's nothing to challenge you and nothing to fear.


P.S. I bought a sweet new jumper (sweater for you Americans) today. A loud, grey, woolen, button-up, turtle neck. Oh, yeah. Rock out.

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