Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Postcard, Happy snaps and Midnight messages

The image below is a postcard from a uni friend, sent while on her many travels. This one's from Egypt.

I was startled this morning (though not the biggest surprise of the morning) that the only thing in the letterbox under 'R' was for me. I haven't heard from her in a while - the last time I recall is when she telephoned at some strange hour (2:00am perhaps) from England. Her boyfriend is here and I'm in a few of his classes. She'll be returning from exchange soon, and it'll be very good to see her again.

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend, who has put up with unexpected visits and messages at all hours

Last weekend I trekked up to see her after very little notice. As usual, my insecurities and I were happy to see her again, and I think she even enjoyed our stay.

After work, I went to pick her up from the rehab ward and took a few photos around her workplace.

This bush looks as cold as I felt.

Last night I was forced to reassess how things are going for me and how I'm going about everything. I messaged my beloved at midnight to ask her to hold me accountable when it comes to staying on track... Not that I actually told her what that consists of yet.

Thank you, My Love, for putting up with me, for letting me love you and for loving me in return. I'm sorry when I make things difficult, but thank you for letting me know that you do appreciate me.

Even when my methods seem like madness.



  1. Goodness, but you're strange sometimes ... that's okay. I'm still here. I'm not going to try and read your mind! Just let me know the details whenever you're ready, and till then I suppose I'll keep trying to keep you accountable for keeping up with your homework.

  2. Reading over this again is funny. I'm glad I added the random post function in the side bar.

    I miss you.

    I'm sorry for the pain I cause you. I hope I can make you smile again.