Sunday, 5 April 2009

The play and the play thing

Well, I've had a lot of fun over the last few hours. Last night I saw my mother's production (she was musical director) of The Sound of Music, with the Lighthouse Theatre Company. Fantastic show. A real showcase of the talent we have on the peninsula.

Yesterday I also received the parcel that had been waiting for me, waiting to greet me and tell me how it loves me and show me its wonders. You guessed it! The Mother 3 Handbook! I was particularly impressed with the clay models, entertaining writing and fan references.

Truly a work of dedicated fanaticism. People, don't spend your passion on war or heartache, but on intricate works on fan art.

The handbook, if ordered early enough, came with a "courage badge" keychain. I don't have any keys, and I like wearing necklaces, so I did what any Mother 3 fan would do... I made a courage badge necklace! Yipee! The people at several jewellery stores were very helpful. It cost next-to-nothing and none of the work cost anything.

Here it is below.

The cross below is necklace I normally wear. It was a Valentine's gift from my beautiful girl and is dearer to my heart (at least the two loves it symbolises are) than any piece of fan art could ever be. It's much nicer and I'll continue wearing it every day, however... my courage badge, if worn in the right nerd circles, one day, will score me a knowing look or an appreciative glance and it'll all be worth it. Oh, yeah. It also deflects lightning attacks.

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  1. I thought I was your play thing
    and hey, I thought you got enough of those 'knowing looks and appreciative glances' on the streets already thanks to your gorgeous nails, my dear.