Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Left wanting, left wandering

"Map it to a sphere! Do it!"

Ah, terrain generation. Good times. I look at his project and think: "Goodness. I'm struggling with sorting algorithms and now he's programming pure awesomeness into his virtual world.


I wish I was a programmer.

I'm reading a fantastic book on feminist theory (or freedom from gender roles) and how it can be compatible with Christianity. I don't believe the husband should lead. I think, ideally in my life, I'd like to share leadership and function as a team with my wife. I think a healthy dose of idealism is important.


I wish I was an arts student.

I've been having more fun writing short stories and working on my novel than I've ever had on any one day at uni. I get a kick out of a well-structured, beautifully flowing piece of prose. I admire those who produce wonderful creative bodies of work. I enjoy getting lost in an environment I've constructed and conveying a message or simply an entertaining tit bit to whoever will read it.


I wish I was a writer.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I manage to jog further than I thought I could. I have fun upping my weights (I'm no power lifter) every now and again. I'm not narcissistic. I'm not vain, but I like to look at my physical being and see something I've had an effect on.


I wish I was a regular gym goer.

I had a fantastic day at the galleries the other day. I relaxed in the sculpture garden. I saw an amazing exhibit on different styles of furniture and the balance between aesthetic beauty and functionality and when they meet in creative ways. Seeing my sister produce beautiful/provocative works of art for her course in Fine Arts makes me so jealous.


I wish I was an artist.


I came up with a novel construct in one of my algorithm classes yesterday that I'm quite proud of. I guess I'm not a bad programmer.

I had a great conversation on the merit of different political systems and the state of social attitudes this afternoon. Hmmm... In many ways I am a student of the arts.

My book is coming along quite well, with some very positive feedback so far. At least I'm finding an outlet for my writing.

I've been maintaining nightly jogging sessions for many weeks now. I can run further than I would have ever thought, even compared to back when I was a little lighter than I am now. I'm not unfit, certainly.

I gave my sister an idea for a work I'd like her to start on. She's taken too long, so I'll begin without her. I don't want to disclose the details. It's quite special, I'm sure. Here goes my attempt at constructing and conveying meaning from a collection of symbols. I'm about to try ART (Heh heh... I love teasing my sis with words exactly like these)!

Things are actually quite good.

I'm smiling,


P.S. My girlfriend? She never leaves anything wanting (except for more time with her).

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