Sunday, 3 May 2009

Happier day...

Oh, sweet darling girl
I'm so glad you found me.
Oh, sweet darling girl
Your power surrounds me.

Remember me, don't forget me,
I have something true.
My path is dark, my steps uncertain,
unless I walk With you.

-- Believer, Ben Kweller

My day is a lot happier today. I raised myself out of bed. I was greeted by my dear friend in the dining hall. I ate well. I showered. I surrounded myself with music.

Even my Mr. Saturn grass man looks happier today. There's definitely hope in those eyes. Although his whiskers do need a trim.

Me and my sister have planned a visit to our grandparents. That should be good. My Grandfather is unwell. We'll do our best to cheer him up. It'll be nice to see them again and have some non-college food for lunch.

I'm looking forward to heading up for the music festival with my girl, later this month.

My Dearest, no matter how far, or how often I travel, you always make it worth it. You care for me, feed me and look after my physical and mental health. You make sure my studies are on track and my head is in the right place.

I'm sorry for my hypocrisy and stupidity and I thank you for the open arms that always wait for me. Thanks for seeing past my silly comments and seeing how much I care.

Metcards make nice wall-pixel-art, yes?

The tree outside is loosing more and more leaves, but it looks to me like it's shedding the weight that was holding it back, so it can better reach the sky.

Not a biologically accurate analogy, but a pleasing one for a boy greeted with an increasingly skeletal tree out his window.

Enjoy the sunlight.

I will.



  1. Not a boy, but a man =D
    Your sock man is *really* cute now that I see his face!

  2. True, true. For you, I am.

    I am your man.

  3. Your tiny grass man is TERRIFYING.

  4. (Excuse all the posthumous commenting)

    I think the time is now. Now I'm a man.

    Even if I like making sock men :).

    But who am I to judge?