Friday, 1 May 2009

Wallpaper battles

While trying to decide on a wallpaper for The Adventures of Hori, Carl and Ann, I chose to approach the problem from several angles.

Firstly, I would try and create a pattern. I decided to take a small peice from a photograph, I took, and then make it so it would repeat forever.


This worked surprisingly well, when taken out of any context, whatsoever, so foolishly... I plodded on...

I then decided to add some "regular irregularities" to the image. The colour wash served quite nicely. It almost looked like jewels of some description.

Seriously, test out that baby as a desktop wallpaper (on repeat, obviously)! Gives you a headache, doesn't it...

So, in the end, it was easy. What are these stories about? Not much, really. They're unexciting and (dare I say?) quaint.

I just needed a wallpaper that matched that description.

All I did was search "cream floral wallpaper" and it turned up my design of choice in the first few pages. Yay!

I hope you enjoyed that particularly uninteresting tale.


P.S. The moral of the story is: Don't try. Just Google it!

1 comment:

  1. I like the original photograph but I think the cream floral wallpaper seems more appropriate for this context somehow...

    thanks for your comment, glad to hear you're on a good path, I'm finding my feet again after that detour but I'm on the way there :)