Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Photo blog

Much to my girlfriend and her slow internet's dismay, today I will be posting a photo blog. This, in all honesty, is because my day would seem boring without pictorial evidence of my delightful activities.

To start off, I realised it was Autumn. A lovely season, to be sure.

After two lectures, I trekked back to my room, along the streets filled with trees, all shedding their leaves. Such beautiful hues, I barely need to photo-manip them at all.

On my return journey, I noticed the exposed circuitry of a set of traffic lights.

My inner electrical engineer must have been on holiday, as all I felt like doing was taking photographic proof of the occurrence. Ah, well. Let's hope he resurfaces come exam time...

I got back to the dining hall in time for some sandwich building mayhem!

You'd better believe it! Felafel, turkey, sprouts, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise, cucumber, and more!

I know, right? I'm a genius. I particularly like the DOUBLE LAYER OF TURKEY. I've never (in recent memory - the last two days) used all caps on this blog. That's how exciting it was. Oh, yeah. The bread was a pair of cheese-and-bacon rolls. Uh-huh.

Then, after much study (not pictured anywhere on this blog) I decided to try using some of my nail polish to create some pixel art.

Here's my collection.

I decided to add to the metcard pixel art, by putting a cute pic of my love in the love heart.

Actually, I don't know if I like it... Hmmm... I guess it's pretty cool.

Yeah, I like it.

I love her.


P.S. You know what? Even with the pictures, it was still boring.

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