Monday, 4 May 2009

If I was earning money, I'd buy these essentials

But as it is, I'm not...

Firstly, any of the products by Vik Prjónsdóttir, starting of course with the purchase of a beard cap. The weather has been soooooo cold of late... It just looks so stylish!

Maybe I could make one... Doesn't that twosome blanket look so nice?

Now, secondly, I would invest in a few art books. These (1, 2) are truly inspirational creations, by some of the best minds around. Sadly, the second one cannot be bought. Ever. It was only created to be given to certain people. I am not one of them.

There are many more besides these that I'd love to get my hands on...

Of course, I am a proud owner of the Mother 3 Handbook. Mmm...


Now, once I have cool things, surely I need somewhere to put them. Yes, that's right. Tetris shelves! Dooo do do dooo do do dooo do do dooo do do doo d-d-doo duh doo doo doo. You'll be humming the tetris theme all around the house with these!

Of course other essentials like towels, and the like could be found, I'm sure.

I'd better finish this post before my girlfriend runs in horror.

She's fairly nerdy/geeky in her own way.

Just not in the same way.

It's nice to be a little different.


P.S. Luckily I'm already equiped with some emergency underwear. A thoughtful gift is underwear packaged like playing cards.

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  1. Those Tetris shelves look utterly awesome. Expensive, but they're really very cool! And quite practical too, which of course makes me like them more. And I like the towel too :) especially because of its "random" origins lol