Sunday, 4 October 2009

Short of breath

While my girl pushes herself to new physical limits, I sit here, short of breath and hoping she'll pop in tonight to tell me about her weekend. I think it's the coffee that's got me panting for some reason. I'm also a little shaky.

It's tough being apart from her so much.

She's such a busy bee and after this weekend, she'll be a fully qualified gym instructor. It boggles the mind how one gorgeous girl can have so much energy. It's been said before, but she really is a powerhouse.

If I could only have one effect on her, it'd be to show her the benefits of giving the body and the soul time to breathe.

Heh heh. We'll get there.

Time for me to finish off this assignment and start on another.

I'm back in town (admittedly, I'm booked until the 11th of this month) and ready to work hard and hopefully see a lot of you people.


I really like hugs.


P.S. Seriously. If you see me, just come up to me and hold me.


  1. Hello Mr Ritchie

    Just dropping by to say hello. Haven't seen you in two weeks or so?

    Keep smiling =)