Thursday, 8 July 2010

We're all going on a...

Winter Holiday!

Sorry for my absence... I've been sawing, pruning, demolishing, studying, renovating, renegotiating, mowing, carting, nailing, hammering, drilling and much more. Yay.

Now I'm back in Melbourne for a few hours (mostly spent napping and blogging, I can assure you) and after some Sichuan, I'm ready to type.

I've been up country, exploring Beechworth, a great historic town in Northern Victoria. We stayed at a converted lunatic asylum and had a blast exploring the haunted grounds.

Night Security Guard: "...I took a camera out for some shots. Didn't see anything while I was there, but I went back, loaded up the photos and - I'm no Superman - but the sh*t I saw... I didn't go outside again that night..."

But of course, if he was Superman, he wouldn't have said so... So he might be.

We celebrated my sister and my father's birthdays while we were up there. Although the best prezzie was one I got for My Love. You guessed it. A soft toy Ned Kelly.

I wonder what Ned'd say if he knew we were hugging a plush toy version of his beardy self...

Speaking of beards- I have one. You may know. It's important to know.

The relevance? I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I've tried the Tony Stark look and it makes me look a whole lot less friendly (I feel) although My Love does prefer it, I think. I've tried the moustache. Apparently it looks like a maths teacher/fireman. I've tried the Lincoln. Then me and Jax can't be told apart.

It's time for something. Something new. Or not.


Here's where we're at:

Now that may seem vain and trivial. That's because it is. But I figure that I'm not among those people who have to look at me with any great frequency or duration, so I don't feel like I should be entirely responsible for choosing the look.

Mostly it's up to My Love, but I feel like getting some opinions from other people.

Wow, it's cold in here! Time to hit the books...

Much love!



  1. Beard all the way :)

  2. Glad to hear it :). Any styling ideas, m'dear?


  3. You know that picture that we took in purple and blue??? That is where mia madre reckons you look the best :)

  4. I like how it looks.. and plus it should keep your face warm with our weather!! Hohoho...

  5. I'm quite curious to see the Tony Stark.
    Nom, nom, nom Tony Stark. ♥

    Anyhow! I'm glad you're doing well and are alive and stuff. I like alive. Alive is good.


  6. If you feel like Lincoln-ing, I'm more than happy to change it up for a while :D

  7. Have fun on your holiday!!

    And I LOVE this picture of the (not)chickens :) Too cute!

  8. Most people look terrible in beards. You look just great, but if you want to change it up, go for the shaving just the chin. Hahahaha!

  9. I need to see pictures of all the different styles and how you look with each look in order to make an informed decision. Photos please

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  10. Thanks, everyone! I'll keep it how it is for the time being. I think I've established that over-trimming it can make me look less friendly, but possibly more stylish... Meh.

    I miss you all! I hope I can have a proper internet connection soon.

    (Posted from my phone.)