Friday, 23 July 2010

Happy belated birthday and The return

She's a cute little thing with an occasional temper, a thing for muscular musicians, and she's finally hit that arbitrarily chosen year of significance. She's 21, folks! Happy birthday, JP, for yesterday!

You've saved my hide many a time concerning mathematics homework, and I've tried to touch yours plenty of times. I'm sorry for occasionally succeeding! You're a great girl and I've missed you. I'm sorry that I've been bundled up with one thing or another. I'll see you soon, I promise! My prayer for you this year is that you'll find answers you never expected and experience joy and fulfillment beyond anything you could anticipate.

Love always,


Another thing to celebrate is the return of My Love! She's back from around the world with trophies for our future home. Tapestries and calligraphy. T-shirts and tummy hurts.

I'm glad to have you back, My Loveliest One. I can't wait to hold you while I look over the photos of your travels and read your travel log.

Time for bed. Sorry for the lack of substance in pt. 2 of this post. I'm blogging from my phone. If you're good, I may even augment this post with some (not)chickens when I'm next at my computer.

Missing you all,



  1. You are....just amazing :) Love you too....come and visit soon please, we miss you here. Especially Sniffles!!! Heheh


  2. I think your (not)chickens are quite possibly on my list of my very favorite things in the world! In fact, I'm on the brink of commissioning an original Chester the Best-er (not)chicken from you and having my friend make a button for my blog. I'm totally serious here, too.

  3. *Wheeze*

    *Pant pant*

    You're too kind! You can have as many silly scribbles as you like!


  4. I don't think I've ever seen so many exclamation marks in a post of yours before. You must be excited - about touching JP's hide, no less :)

  5. 21 is exciting! Yes, it's true. I like to emphasise things without the use of an exclamation mark. However, I was blogging from my phone, so I guess I wrote a little differently... You know that your hide is the only one I dream of :)!


    Off to the theatre tonight!