Saturday, 17 July 2010

Nearly back-to-school time

But it's all right. She's back in emailable territory and I'll get to see her soon, along with many other dear friends whom I've neglected, apart from the occasional online chat. Sorry, y'all.

Wow, my feet are frozen. Time to thaw 'em.

Hmmm... I don't like really fat pens, I've decided. Oh, well.

Thanks for all your tips and comments on the new look. Feel free to suggest improvements, recommend widgets, etc.



P.S. Sorry for the lack of requested pixel work- It takes less than 2 minutes to scribble some (not)chickens - including upload time - and it takes 10 minutes to do a pixel person, then another 10 to be happy with it. When I'm ready to go to bed, it's (not)chicken time, dear friends. Speaking of which, I should get back into writing and vector work, etc. Goodness... So much to do... Nope. Just sleep.


  1. Haha; those (not)chickens are so cute! :D I love the little suitcase and backpack.

    (Only 10 minutes to make a pixal person?? I'd honestly thought it would take at least an hour o.O)

  2. Nope, it doesn't take long. I do most of one in about 10 mins, but then I usually spend another 10 minutes changing 1 or 2 specific pixels, until I'm happy with it.

    Often, the next day I'll re-upload them with one or two minute changes- I'm the only one who ever notices ;).