Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Walking the streets of Carlton/Parkville

After a phone call this morning that completely failed to wake me up - even during it (but always appreciated, My love) - I returned to my pillow until Haskell beckoned. I've always admired its elegance. Apparently I'm one of the few in my course who would call it their favourite programming language.

I Could Never Belong to You - Sarah Blasko

"You certainly are quite the little explorer," she said. Nope. I just like to have lunch in the park, visit the abundance of boutique shops in the area and roam the city. It's safe, it's exciting and why the heck not? I can ogle all the shiny things with which I could fill our future home. I can try on jackets and scarves and nail polish. And hats. I adore hats. I just wish they'd be more fond of me.

Crawled Out of the Sea - Laura Marling

This change-of-topic-every-song idea isn't giving me much time to type. Or develop ideas. I'm just a day or so away from having My Love back in my arms. Before then, I must go to the gym, lead a Bible study, run with my sister around Princes Park, review lecture notes, cook, clean and sleep. We're nearly ready to notify people of the upcoming engagement party. Bring it on!

Down - Ben Kweller

Jean Valjean. I could leave it at that really and it would conjure up anything I could possibly want to say about the character, but after seeing Les Misérables again, I was reminded of how much I enjoy the Jean Valjean - Javert duality. I feel a piece of work coming on with that theme in mind. Oop. New song.

Once a Day - The Triffids

Ok, wow. My randomiser knew exactly what I wanted to listen to. Since experiencing some lows which previously weren't very familiar to me, I've grown fond of the small ache accompanied by wistful tunes. I'm riding some rather pleasant highs at the moment, but being reminded of the turmoil from which I've mostly escaped is a nice feeling.

I'm an odd one.



  1. A wake up call, aw how cute Evan! Hehe. I used to have them too from my other, because he knows too much i'm a sleepyhead, haha.

  2. Heh heh. Not so much a wake up call, as a before work call. I like to hear her voice, but she's working 12.5hr day, so even if I'm not fully with it, it's nice to talk with her :).

    But also... Yay for sleepyheads! :D

  3. You are an odd one indeed.

    Hi Evan!! =) Come over for dinner again soon?

    Sleepyhead time.

  4. Indeed :). I'm watching Ashes to Ashes in bed :). It's lovely!

    Which night shall you have me over? Early next week would suit me.

    How's your house going?

  5. It's wonderful to find another Les Mis fan :) Its my favorite musical, and it looks like I might have a chance to see it performed for the first time in a few weeks! (I bought the complete soundtrack, and that's all have to go off of--still my fav, though!)

    I also love the Jean Valjean/Javert duality, especially since it also represents aspects of who we are. I've been both in my short lifetime. Neither one is easy.

  6. Hmmm... I want to listen to those songs. I need some new music. I rely on other people for that, because I can't be bothered to hunt it down myself. :-)

  7. Neither one is easy? True. I find it mirrors our journey with Christ, Emmy. It's a very good analogy for Jesus and the Pharisees. The teacher from humble beginnings, not living by the law, but showing what it is to love, versus the Pharisees, keepers of the law, who persecute, rather than protect.

    It's so easy to separate ourselves from the world, or from those who live differently to us, but how can we love them if we don't dwell among them? It's easy to become the religious zealot. On the other hand, when we can show our love to those around us and really mimic that unorthodox man who didn't keep the Sabbath, ate with those who aren't of high esteem and was persecuted for bringing a message of forgiveness, then we can deliver God's grace and our shape becomes a lot like Jean Valjean.

    Christ figures ring true and beautiful with us, because of who they mirror. Praise God for sending His Son!


    Yes, Chess, they're some nice tunes :). If you want to know where my tastes lie; The Fleet Foxes, Antony and the Johnsons, The Shins, The Dø, The Bees (Or- A Band Of Bees, in The States), Belle and Sebastian, Clare and the Reasons, Glasvegas, Little Dragon and Vampire Weekend.


    *Hugs everyone*

    That was nice :).