Thursday, 7 October 2010

Something new,

and uncontrollable.

Yet at once familiar.

Lucas felt the energy pouring out of his mind, through his body- a terrible, powerful force. But it was also bright and pure.

Since the meeting with the Magypsy, it had been as if a new part of himself had been set free. And this hidden power fed on the hope and support of those around him, but could never be extinguished.

Lucas had spent too long mourning the loss of his mother, Hinawa. It was time to set things right and save what he could of the world before it mutated beyond repair.

The growing darkness would have to face a new threat-

PK Love.

MOTHER 3 game and scenario are copyright SHIGESATO ITOI and Nintendo


  1. More Earthbound? Awesome! I'm going to have to check this game out :)

  2. Lucas is from Mother 3, the sequel to Earthbound. I can't recommend it enough. Check out the fan translation. I'd recommend Mother 3 over Earthbound just because it's more thematically consistant and it doesn't require a lot of "levelling up". There's also more nuance to Mother 3's various messages.