Thursday, 7 October 2010

Banana, carrot and sultana

Using essentially the same recipe as last time, I decided to bake a cake for My Love. It was a banana-carrot-sultana cake this time around. I think it turned out rather well, although possibly a little more suited to my sweet tooth.

Next time I bake a cake, it's probably better if you just turn your head while I'm adding the sugar, My Love.

Have a good time examining tonight.


P.S. Notice her beautiful platter and lovely new coffee table?

P.P.S. I better get back to work and stop doodling...


  1. I wish handsome men would love me enough to bake ME a cake....Your Love is so lucky to have you :) Its obvious that you care about her a lot!

  2. I agree with Emmy. I bake people desserts all the time. Yet, have I ever gotten a cake from a handsome man? I think I'm adding that to the bucket list.

  3. Well, in the absence of a handsome man, My Love must make do with my cakes.

    Grrr... I just had a shower, but would really like another one.

    Stupid water restrictions...

  4. The cake looks so yum! Good job Evan!

  5. Thanks :). I enjoyed it. You'll have to quiz Kat on whether it was any good.

    It was very sweet, which is the way I like things.

  6. There's still half the cake left in the fridge, love, if you'd like to have some more while you're visiting ;)

  7. Thanks, My Love. I should have checked... I did have a piece of your fantastic chocolate banana bread!

    Om nom nom!

  8. I think your doodles are cool ! And yummy cake. I love anything with bananas in it (check out this recipe: Except if the banana has anise.. yuck !