Wednesday, 27 October 2010

(Totally not) in response to "Stories no one wants to hear"

My Love posted a little piece in response to my first two SNOWTH posts, among other things:


I was thinking that I should post a response to "Stories Nobody Wants to Hear, parts one and two"; I don't, however, have TSC's storytelling flair. Also I have a much less romantic spin on the whole thing, which would (a) make me look quite callous and naughty, not to mention selfish and impertinent, and (b) make for much less interesting reading anyway. I doubt it would raise my daily blog views much higher than about five per day if I were to blog about how I was simply very interested to kiss a cute white boy, whose arms were big enough to catch me when I was tipsily unsteady at my own birthday party, whose smile was ready and whose eyes were soulful, and with whom I had flirted all night long while my ex-boyfriend-who-wanted-me-back talked to other people three metres away, paying no attention to me. (Or so it appeared.)

I doubt anybody would be interested in reading about the fact that I considered TSC a bit of a player, a one-night stand, good for a kiss and a cuddle and for making the other boy jealous; but something in me that was empty and sad sparked to life when TSC asked me to go on a bush walk. As I kept telling myself, making friends is an important part of life; and so I drove my little car to Bunyip Park, got lost along the way and was angry at my useless navigator, then flirted outrageously with him on the walking track in order to see just how far he was going to go on this with me. Interestingly while he got the hint (how could he not?), he took absolutely no action, which intrigued me and only made me flirt harder ...

... and I guess I blogged it anyway.



I think our story is a beautiful one. It has sad points and difficult points, and points that are probably best not remembered too often, but in everything we've done and been through, God has worked with our mistakes, building us up to better love each other and better serve The One who created us.

*Raises glass*

Here's to many years of growth to come!

I love you, Beautiful One.



  1. This is like a very strange trackback.
    Nice tree.
    You do do some funny things, like transplanting whole chunks of my blog, and I find it a bit odd, like an involuntary organ donor. Still I do love you so I'll put up with it.

  2. Sorry for swapping out your guts without your permission, Gorgeous One. I really like what you wrote. It grounds what I wrote in a reality more people can relate to.

    The "tree" is from the fruit tree in front of the vicarage.


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  4. Thanks, Spam Bot. I'm so happy that you and that virus-infected email were able to get back together ;).

  5. How helpful these anonymous posters are! :P
    I'm still confused ("and somewhat aroused") as to how you set up these scenes TSC. They are almost as fantastic as your stories :)

  6. A piece of paper, 3 sheets of felt, the camera on my phone, scraps from the garden, Paint.NET and a with the low-res purposes for which they're created- minimal effort and they're done in usually 20 mins. Not as quick as the scribbles, but not too bad.

    It's like I'm in art class at primary school again!


    I miss you...