Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The big snooze

There's light still? That's odd. Must be dinner time, methinks.


Hmmm... How very odd. I guess not.

After collapsing at 6:30 last night, I awoke this morning to some lovely flowers on the dining table, courtesy of my house mate.

Breakfast had to follow. A salad for lunch yesterday, thanks to Ames, wasn't really enough to get me through.

I pottered around my room tidying (and texting My Love, much to her annoyance- understandable before 6:00am) until the supermarket opened.

Praise God for morning runs and getting work done, for flowers in vases and strawberries in a bowl, for good rest and bacon and eggs!

"I challenge anyone to be less competitive than me..."

Was he being ironic? Thank you, Max Cullen, during this morning's interview. I do enjoy Emma Ayres then Margaret Throsby of a morning. ABC Classic FM and a delicious breakfast. Yum!

Back to work.



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