Monday, 4 October 2010

Porky Karaoke

Evil, time-travelling bullies from next door gotta party too, y'know.

MOTHER 3 game and scenario are copyright SHIGESATO ITOI and Nintendo


  1. I don't get it... but he is cute and chubby! :P


    The Mother series is a series of RPG games for the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and the GBA. Porky is one of the lead villains in Earthbound/Mother 2 and is the head bad guy in Mother 3.

    He begins as a representation of every bully that ever lived. His parents don't show him love and are money/status obsessed. He clings to powerful people and doesn't care who he hurts.

    In Mother 3 he commands the Pork Army:

    I love Porky as a character, as you can see by my repeated attempts at related "artwork".

    Here's a snippet from the article I linked to a few posts ago:

    "If you want to really see a strangely tragic, chilling ending for a character, consider the fate of Porky, the antagonist in the game. The conflict in this game is motivated by his desire to see the world end. Porky’s mind was so warped by Giygas in Earthbound that he has remained in a permanent immature, childlike state even though he is now hundreds of years old. His influence corrupts and nearly destroys everything about the idyllic and peaceful Tazmily village and he is the one responsible for sapping Claus of all of his humanity. In his final encounter with Lucas, when it becomes apparent that he will not win the battle, he encases himself in the Absolutely Safe Machine, a capsule that renders him absolutely safe from all attacks both interior and exterior. Because it was just a prototype, there was no way to escape it, meaning that the ageless Porky can never die, but he can never leave the capsule nor can he communicate with anyone on the outside. For someone like Porky, an agent of entropy like the Joker in The Dark Knight, this is truly an ending worse than death. When all is dead and gone, when the universe dies of heat death, when existence is nothingness, Porky will still exist, alone in that capsule. It gives me chills just to think about it."

    I can't recommend that article enough.

    Again, his cuteness is another great juxtaposition against his selfish, evil nature. The writing in Mother 3 is truly beautiful. Guaranteed to induce tears.

  3. I don't know too much about Earthbound and Mother, but I totally recognized Porky when I saw the picture :3

  4. If you've ever played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you'll recognise him as one of the bad guys :). He's a great character :).

  5. You're too cute Evan. And here goes this Mother thing some more. I sweat, this has to be on my list of things to look into in October list.

    I haven't made that list yet, but I will, and Mother 3 will definitely be on it.


    Good to have you back doll.


  6. Yeah, it's friggin' great to be back, My Dear!


    I'm glad to hear you're not averse to playing games. Like that article says, if you want to see maturity in the medium, look no further than Itoi (the writer for the Mother series).

    Another few tips for people tempted to play the games- Skip Mother (Zero) unless you're hardcore. Mother 2 is known as Earthbound in the US, and is also a great piece of writing, but it's much harder than Mother 3. Mother 3 is the easiest, best written and most complete package. All games are self-contained, with different protagonists, etc. Finally- you'll need to download the fan translation patch for Mother 3, as it hasn't yet seen a release in English.

    You will laugh, you will cry and it'll stick with you.

    Again- I'm so glad you're gonna play it!

    And thanks for knowin' how to make a feller feel loved :).

  7. This is a sweet picture. Referring to your art as "rather rubbish," as you did in a comment on my blog, are the words of a pure perfectionist! Keep striving for that gold star!

  8. Awww... Thanks, Matt. But it is. As your gold star comment indicates, this is grade school garbage. Don't get me wrong, it's heaps of fun (like grade school - heck, we don't even call it that here) and I love doing scribbles. I'll get there. My PK Love pic was cuter :).

    Ok, sooky time over.

    Thanks for visiting! Keep in mind that, despite the silly pictures of humanoid birdies around the place, this is the blog of a man. I totes have a beard and a fiance and everything.

    Seriously, thanks for visiting :).