Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sichuan flames

Not in my mouth, though. That was nicely warmed, but not quite on fire. It's my digestive system that's aflame. Kong pow prawns, Thin beef strips in a hotpot, sichuan tofu, all delicious, all compounding the agony this morning.

It really was a nice meal out. Two people I love dearly sharing a meal with me. The waitress was adorable. She kept asking questions about what things are called in English and if the two white boys present could handle the spicy food, that she herself had trouble with. Of course the two of us could handle it without any problem (until eight or so hours later). The waitress asked her in Chinese which of the boys she was dating, the red one or the yellow one (by the colour of the tops we were wearing). She said she'd thought she worked it out by the fact that I'd reached my hands out to hold hers across the table. I'd say that's a pretty clear sign.

Girlfriend. Sounds nice, doesn't it? I like it. That's what she is.

The girl who was causing me trouble over the last few weeks (not the good kind of trouble either) has let up. She's decided that I care about her and that she's obviously done enough to hurt me of late, so she wants to be friendly again. I don't understand. Oh, well. It's nice not to be screamed at for a while. I care so much about her, so it's nice to see the same in return.

I just took a break there to scream for a while on the toilet. Yep. Just thought I'd entertain you all with that image.

My best mate from high school, who was at the restaurant (who is absolutely amazing) has been fantastic about everything. He's been understanding when I've been... errr... overenthusiastic with my affection for my girl. He's been there through the abuse I've received from certain others. He just keeps showing his love for me and it really is amazing. I love him so much. I pray that we'll stay close (geographically that is because we'll always stay close emotionally).

I really want to move into a place with him next year, but my parents reckon it'll cost a lot and would rather pay a little extra to keep me in a college for the convenience.


Catch you on the flip side. I got too much work to do.


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  1. Glad to see things have been better for you this week mr ritchie. =)