Thursday, 23 October 2008

Engineering student love

The fellowship that engineering students manage to achieve when compared to their fellow students is amazing. Maybe it's not as physical as the arts students, but that's probably for the best as we also tend not to wake up not knowing whose bed we happened to stumble into after a hard drinking session, followed by a poetry reading, then more hard drinking. Don't get me wrong, we like to drink and I'm sure some of our cohort are promiscuous, it's just that statistically, the options for shenanigans among our own group are severely limited. We are mostly males. Heterosexual males. With the exception of our foxy friends in chemical eng.

We share our assignments, we pull each other through, we share notes and buy each other alcoholic beverages. We show our love in "manly" ways. But it is a kind of love. Just look at the law department.

They back stab, refuse to discuss assignment work and have a perverse form of socialising (not in the arts student way, but just in a cold, detached way). They talk behind each other's backs and have a policy along the lines of "who falls behind, gets left behind". I'm so glad I'm an engineering student. A nice balance of socialising and study, sometimes with mild social incompetence, but overall a friendly bunch.

I'm glad the sun came out today to wash everybody's blues away. My dear friend wasn't feeling well yesterday, but he's cheered up now. He'd like to attribute it to some socialising he's done with a certain lady friend, but I'm gonna say it was all this sun.

Much love in this lovely weather,



  1. my arts degree resembled nothing like that and I hope my law years aren't like the one you've described... actually I'll make it a point to change the status quo if I can help it!

  2. Good work :). Kat's cousin is a law student changing the status quo. It's a god thing :P

    I also might have been feeling spiteful when I wrote this :).