Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hiccough or hiccup? I think I prefer hiccough...

I've been having too much fun with everything recently; from the restaurants to the clubbing last night to the sunny walks to the juice bar this afternoon. Hopefully this means I'll be in the right frame of mind when it comes to my job interview tomorrow. I had a little hiccough in the fun this afternoon, but hopefully things will smooth out in time. Mostly it's been fantastic!

We had a proper conversation (as we've been calling it) today. It was fantastic. We talked about upbringings and general philosophies. It seems better every day.

There's something strange I've noticed. Whenever I have doubts, she's sure of our relationship and how right it is. Whenever she has doubts, I know that we're fantastic together. It's probably just coincidence, as we haven't really had time to doubt. Overall, I'm sure that we'll look out for each other and that our amazing honesty has really helped us get to know each other and will help through further hurdles. She seems stronger and more relaxed and I'm getting better study and eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I eat healthy -- just in extremely large quantities.

Hmmm... After reading that, I've decided something. No more relationship blogging for at least the next five blogs. Hopefully that'll make it more readable.

Now, I'm going off to sing something by the Barenaked Ladies while nobody's in the apartment. Oh, and check the bus timetables to get back home from the station...

Ta ta!


1 comment:

  1. And thankfully, you are not a bare naked lady.

    I thought you weren't blogging any more so I didn't check for a few days, and by golly you're prolific!

    I like conversation. It's nice, I like ... =)

    Coincidence, huh? Maybe it is. But it's kind of nice, now that you mention it.

    Yeah blog about something else for a change :P