Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Change of topic

I tried to do something for someone (vague, huh?) but it ended up being mostly to my benefit and if anything, slightly to their detriment. Oh, well. She knows I care.

Hmmm... Let's talk about something other than her for a change (really, is that possible?). Otherwise someone will get bored (not me!). I have four assignments due in the next few days. How many have I done? None. Oh, well. One will happen this afternoon. Another will happen tomorrow night, then one for each of the next two days. Then a job interview on Monday. I'm applying for a job over the summer at a sort of recreation park near my place on the peninsula. Hopefully along side that I'll have a job at the pub, behind the bar for the evenings.

I haven't read in a long time. I mean, I keep up the Bible study, but reading for leisure is something I miss. I have a pretty interesting set of books here. A quick look at the shelf turns up the following: The First-time Cook, Black Cherry, Men in Feminism, Australian Ballads and Short Stories, Wicked!, Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications, The NIV Study Bible, Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture, House of Leaves and The Pilgrim's Progress, Jane Austen: The Complete Novels. I love reading but I haven't had much time lately. The spare time which I've made has been filled with picnics and beach trips and other glorious fare. All in all, I've perhaps had a little too much fun.

Well, I've just produced "three unrelated paragraphs". Good title, that. On second thoughts, it's not that great.



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