Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Too much energy drink? Who's a bouncy monkey?

Well, thanks to 4 cans of energy drink, I pulled an all-nighter and submitted my assignment! Yay! Take that, Computational Mechanics! Now I must sleep off the throbbing wreck that is my head...

In other news, I think/thought I saw a monkey! It could have been a really large possum that cackled, but I'm fairly sure it was a monkey. Maybe I was more sure at 3:30 in the morning, but I'm still fairly sure. I was walking back through one of the largest parks nearby (one that contains not only the psych ward of the hospital, the Juvenile Detention Centre but also the zoo) at some ridiculous hour when across the road in front of me scampered a large, furry creature. As I moved toward the bushes into which it bolted, a screech came forth that nearly induced parasympathetic rebound (showing off the new lingo). I suppose only time will tell whether I did in fact see a monkey. I'll look out for the news report on the escaped monkey over the next few days.

I also received one of the most beautiful emails I've ever read yesterday. Without it I'm sure I wouldn't have lasted to complete the night's work. I've read it and reread it. I think I'm going to read it once more before I retire to bed (yes, it's nearly midday).

Wishing you all a portion of the joy I'm feeling,


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